Dia de Campo

Dia de Campo is a mexican fusion style restaurant located in Redondo Beach.

It’s not just a place to eat, it’s also a place to hang out with friends and to meet people.

Right at the entrance, you will see a corner like the type you might find in a coffeeshop, where you can relax in the couch and enjoy the music. The waitress told me they would offer live music every Wednesday night. Next to the music corner, there is a bar area for different type of audience, those who simply want to have a drink. At the center of the room, there are two huge wood tables, obviously it’s an area perfect for parties.


The day I was there, they were hosting an open house event for neighborhood. People came to sample the foods for free, simply by paying for a drink. Foods served as appetizer size included pork, raw oyster, shrimp, egg rolls, everything was very fresh and tasty.


This is really a multi-function restaurant. Whether you are trying to taste some new style mexican foods, have a drink while chit-chatting with friends, hold a birthday party, or even just want to spend an relaxing evening with some music, your need would be met.

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