Parallax Art Fair 2016

Originally started in London, Parallax Art Fair welcomed its visitors at Venice Arts Gallery last weekend (April 30-31)


The exhibit didn’t have a specific theme, artworks with a wide range of distinct styles, media and contents were showed to public.
PAF arts

Yi Gao incorperates western elements into her traditional Chinese painting. The most interesting thing is that she replaces brown with coffee in her color palette made of Chinese pigment. The neutral tones with simple lines and nearly flat shapes create a sense of harmony and peace in most of her work.


With a completely different approach, Faye is not afraid of embracing bright colors, abstract forms and bold outlines. Her work is full of energy and imagination. I can see her inside of her own art, wandering in the wonderland she created.
layout 2

Kathy’s painting tells a lot of stories that are not always happy, some are even depressing. Her perception about the world around her is unique. In the painting of the falling angel, she got inspiration from the art in the Vatican Church, instead of seeing glory like most of visitors, she felt that life was not always so perfect, instead there was sickness, poverty and even death.

Deirdre Shibano’s Traditional style oil paintings of beautiful female figures. I love the way that the artist has the light shower on the soft skin, which creates an aura around the woman in her painting.


Each piece of Sergio Ruffato’s metal sculptures depicts a specific moment where the action is taking place: Sun setting, bird flying or dancing figure.

layout 3

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