Kleverdog Coworking Space

Coworking, according to Wikipedia, is a style of work which involves a shared working environment, sometimes an office, yet independent activity.

Kleverdog is such a place. It is located on a small street in the center of lively Chinatown.

The entrance area is decorated like a living room, which makes you feel like home.

The entire office is like a loft, a lot of open space. What you need is your laptop.
cleverdog_group 2

Renting prices vary depending on how often you need to use the space and type of space you choose. For example, it’s only $20 a day if you share the long desk with other people in the main office. You could also rent your own cubicle even your private office, ranging from $300 to $650.



A conference room is free for members to use up to certain hours per month depending on their plans.
cleverdog_group 1

More space is available for people who just need to rent a seat to work.

The top roof provides perfect space for users to take a break, brainstorm for their ideas or network with other members.

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Sweet and Beautiful

One of our customers sent us some sweets from Turkey. They are beautifully handcrafted and placed in a nicely designed box. They are just too beautiful to be eaten.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Pine nuts surrounded by half pistachio that look like flower petals.

Another flower-like cookie made of pistachio

Triangle shape cookie with mixed nuts.

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Halloween 2011 at Hollywood

Saturday night October 29th. People couldn’t wait til the “big day.”

I am still alive!
Halloween 2011_1b

Halloween 2011_2

Halloween 2011_3

Halloween 2011_6

Black swan
Halloween 2011_4

Jack finally came out of the box
Halloween 2011_5

Halloween 2011_7

Best team work – We make chicken right!
Halloween 2011_8C

You are so beautiful
Halloween 2011_9

Halloween 2011_11

Halloween 2011_0

Halloween 2011_group

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Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair 2011

39th annual Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair took place on Saturday Oct. 1 and Sunday Oct. 2, a beautiful weekend with sunshine, blue sky, and cool breeze.

This is a place where you can meet local artists with different styles.

group 1

Wick’d bean soy candles are made from natural soybeans and complimented with premium botanical oils. Love their packaging design!
group 2

You could find more information from their website: http://www.wickdbean.com

This amazing painting is composed of thousands of millions of mini paintings.
group 4c

Some of the most creative artworks.

group 3

This funny earring holder is my favorite.

Lots of delicious food, lots of happy people.


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FishBonz Grill

Newly opened in Torrance, Fish Bonz is a fast food style restaurant, serving food with fine dining quality.

Kitchen behind glass wall, food is prepared right in front of you.
group 2

The swai white ruffy combo is $1 off regular price every Tuesday night. fish is so fresh, it’s melting in my mouth.
group 1

Taco is made of fresh fish too, it doesn’t taste frozen food at all like in other fast food places.
taco 1

Taco Tuesday! All tacos on the list are under $2.
menu 2

I really love their logo and menu designs.
menu 3

FishBonz Grill
2599 Airport Drive
Torrance, CA 90505
Ph (310) 325-BONZ (2669)


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