The Last Treasure of Borders

The final date of Borders is around the corner. Here are some of the books that are still waiting to be purchased. These beautiful book covers will remind me the good time I had in Borders.


group 1

group 5


group 4

group 2

group 3

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Type Designer Andrew Byrom

Andrew Byrom is a graphic designer from UK, and currently he’s teaching in CSULB. He never stop working on typography during his spare time.  We visited his studio on campus.

He loves to create types in varied shapes and forms.




































Many of the types he designed are functional, they have been used as home decoration and accessories. Some of his creation had been displayed in the furniture store Design Within Reach.









































(Images from his slide show)

His design is always beyond your imagination and unconventional. This is one of his own business cards. The oversize card is so noticeable, that people wouldn’t toss it away like they usually do to traditional cards.









Another one of his business card design came from his broken table. The table was cut into small pieces and his personal information was printed on every of them. Every one is a unique card since every piece is different.













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Borders closing

Last shots of the night before closing sale, still quiet and clean as usual.  This has already become history by now.









Big sale started last Friday July 22nd.










Almost everything is on sale ranging from 10 ~ 40% off.









Endless waiting line.









I still love to look at and touch real books that are beautifully designed and printed on paper, in stead of holding an metal reading machine.

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Bacon chocolate



















Bacon in Chocolate? Are you kidding me? When I saw it in Cost Plus, I knew I had to taste it. Curiosity killed the cat!

Want to know how it tastes like? Try it, and welcome to share your opinions here.

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